About Us


Vision Statement: Artistic identity deserves to be seen clearly.

Mission Statement: We provide quality decorated garments with a quick turn-time and a great user experience.

Silver Screen Printing and Embroidery provides quality decorating on a variety of textiles. Our goal is to make screen printing and embroidery as easy and profitable for you as possible.

Simply put, we decorate garments. However, we all know there is much more to it than just that; branding and decorating garments is a matter of identity. We understand the time, care, and effort our customers put into designing a logo is very important, which is why artistic identity deserves to be seen clearly. Trust in us merits our diligence in bringing vision to life, as we provide quality decorated garments in a timely manner and with a great user experience.

We have over 30 years combined experience in the apparel decoration industry. The experiences we collectively obtained have built the foundation for our success today. It gives us the knowledge to help you with any request. We love to help create memories with team uniforms, school spirit wear, event apparel, or proudly display your corporate identity on a polo or any other wearable products you may need for doing business.

We understand the needs of our clients and make every effort to provide reliable, predictable service. Providing quality decoration is not enough, we have to provide a relationship that includes the whole package; ease of use with straight forward pricing and on-time every time deliver. Although we are pretty good at printing, too.

Thank you to our current customers for being loyal and growing with us. We look forward to creating new partnerships, and work for continued growth of your business and ours. It’s been a good ride thus far and will continue for years to come.

As Silver Screen continues to expand and refine, we will endeavor to stay on the cutting edge of new technology. We believe in re-investing significantly into upgrades and new equipment. We strive to be a company the provides service with integrity and excellence.

Give us a call, see what we can do for you!