Screen Print & Embroidery Operations
Screen Print & Embroidery Operations

About Us


Mission Statement: We provide quality decorated garments with a quick turn time and great user experience. Silver Screen Printing and Embroidery provides decorating and finishing services on a variety of textiles. We understand the time, care, and effort our customers put into designing a logo, which is why we strive to preserve your artistic integrity through quality decorating. You can trust in our diligence, expertise, and care to bring your vision to life. We understand the needs of our clients and make every effort to provide consistent and reliable service. Our 30 years of combined experience in the apparel decorating industry gives us the knowledge to help you with any request. 

Vision Statement: Our 3 core values are the undercurrent of our company DNA. These principles define our relationship with clients and nurture our company culture for the future. 

Care: The trust we have in one another to put in the hard work that delivers the best quality product. 

Efficiency: The perfect balance of speed and accuracy relying on our carefully crafted practice.

Innovation: The ability to find solutions not just internally with your product, but also with communication and our user interface. 

As Silver Screen continues to expand and refine, we will endeavor to stay on the cutting edge of new technology. We believe in re-investing significantly into upgrades and new equipment. We strive to be a company that provides service with integrity and excellence.