Here at Silver Screen, we strive to be on the cutting edge of new technologies, processes, and products in our industry. We are always looking to expand our services with a variety of the latest equipment and systems. Currently some of the additional processes we offer are: DTG-Direct to Garment printing, DTF-Direct to Film printing, Digital Transfers, Screen Print Transfers, Laser Etching and Cutting, as well as our Heat Press capabilities.

DTG-Direct to Garment Printing
This is a process that is similar to a larger format ink-jet printer. It enables us to print practically any art, or image directly on almost any 100% cotton blend garment. Full color or spot colors on both white and dark colored garments. Give us a call for specifics and pricing. This may be your perfect solution to a smaller run, or complex art problem you’ve found using a standard screen print process.

DTF – Direct to Film Printing
DTF printing is a multi-step process that uses inkjet technology to print directly onto a transfer film. DTF allows for a high-resolution print with a wide color gamut to be transferred directly from the film to the garment using a heat press; it’s ideal for complex designs and outlines. This gives designers more flexibility to produce intricate artwork and complex illustrations. Please reach out the team about why DTF can solve problems that DTG or Screen Print cannot. We now offer a DTF gang sheet in two sizes for you to fit as many transfers within the given space. This service is done without any trimming or heat pressing on the end product.

Digital Transfers
This is a full color process that lends itself well to small runs on a variety of textiles. We print art provided on a special substrate with a full color printer. It actually prints and cuts the image to size, then it’s ready to go to the heat press area where we adhere them to whatever items you wish; T-shirts, polos, pants, jackets, bags, or hats. Using this method, it is best to have simple art that allows for minimal weeding of substrate from tiny details; text for instance. It is great for sports team logos on a left chest, hip placement for sweatpants or shorts, and jackets that are not suitable for standard screen print or embroidery processes.

Screen Printed Transfers
Another option for products that are not well suited for the usual screen print or embroidery processes. Such as 2-ply shorts, jackets, swimsuits, oversized bags, or small totes. In these cases, if the art is too detailed to use our Digital Transfer method, we use this other heat press process. The design is actually silk screened with standard plastisol inks on a special sheet of transfer paper that uses heat to adhere to items. For best results, we limit this to 3 colors of ink.


Heat Press Service
We also offer the simple service of heat pressing a patch or pre-printed screen transfer image. If you have already procured such items, and need it applied to a product, we can do that, too.

Laser Etching and Cutting
Laser etching is a great new service we’ve added for leather, glass, thermos, and wood. With this machine, we can provide custom leather patches that our Embroidery Department can then sew onto your garments. It is also used to cut our Tackle Twill for applique, and vinyl for jersey personalizations with impressive precision, and no frayed edges.