Screen Printing Equipment
Kiwo I-Jet II – Digital Direct to Screen Burning System
6 M&R Automatic Presses • 4 M&R Manual Presses
Brown 2 Color Number Press • ABACUS II Auto Numbering Press
4 M&R Dryers

With over 30 years combined experience amongst our staff in the screen printing industry, we know how to get the job done right and on time, every time. Typically, plastisol ink is the most common process we do, but we also offer several specialty inks and processes to best suit your needs for each job.

Standard Plastisol Inks
Silver Screen prints primarily plastisol inks using the Wilflex ink mixing system. It is a licensed mixing system to simulate Panton colors out of the Solid Coated Swatch Library Book. If PMS colors are not specified in art or on portal, we will use Adobe Illustrator’s color converting tool to pick the closest match.

Soft Hand-Reduced
Soft Hand is used for that comfortable vintage feel to the print and garment. A special additive is mixed into the plastisol ink, thinning it down for a softer feel. Due to the nature of this process, exact PMS matches are not the typical result.

CMYK 4-Color Process
CMYK 4-Color process is used for complex and realistic art such as photos that require more colors than our standard screen processes can handle. For best results, we only use this method on white or natural colored garments.

Simulated Full-Color Process
Simulated Full-Color Process is similar to CMYK 4-Color in that it is used for complex art that require more colors than our standard screen presses can handle. Typically, we use this process when running dark colored garments. It uses up to 7 colors to create a more vibrant image.

Metallic Inks
We offer silver and gold metallic inks. They give a glitter effect to any design for a bit of flash.

Crystaline is a step above metallic inks for a sparkly effect. It is a thicker, even more flashy ink that we overprint on standard plastisol inks for a colored glitter look. It does work better on some colors than others. If you have any questions, feel free to contact us.

Discharge & Plasticharge Inks
Discharge ink removes dyes in the fabric and leaves the original color of the garment before it was dyed. The finished color varies depending on dye lot of garment and only works on 100% cotton materials. Plasticharge is the process of adding pigmented ink to Discharge in order to create a softer color image on garment.

Once design has been printed with Gel ink, a thin mylar metallic material is applied with heat presses. The finished look has a smooth, high-shine effect. We currently have a variety of colors available. Contact us for options and special orders.

Inner Tag Printing
Ideal for clothing lines and retail jobs. We print your art and garment information right on the inside back collar. There are guidelines that need to be followed, so if you are interested, please contact us for details.

Heat Presse Vinyl
Generally this process is used for names and/or numbers on garments for sports team wear, but can also be used with some restrictions for smaller runs.

Set-up and Screen Charges
We try to keep things as simple as possible, so set-up charges are included. There are no added fees for set-up or screens charges.

Ink Changes
On certain jobs and logos, we may be able to switch an ink color for another in the same price quantity. There are factors that may not make it possible to do an ink change. New art may need to be created and charged as separate run.

Art Requirements
We prefer to use fully vector artwork in an Illustrator compatible ai, eps or pdf file. Please make certain all fonts are outlined (converted to curves). If we have any issues, you will be notified to resolve the problem. We accept any art you have, but it may be subject to art charges billed at a rate of $40/hour.