Garments, Who cares? We do and so does your client!

In the current retail market, garments are equally as important as art. We are seeing a high consumer investment in factors like fabric type, fabric weight, shape and fit, and sustainability. We all have that favorite t-shirt or sweatshirt in our closet we can’t imagine getting rid of. Why is this garment our favorite? Is it the print?..the fit? More than likely, you love your favorite garment because of how it feels when you put it on and how you feel in it! 

Finding the perfect garment for your client or project can be difficult when there are so many places to look and different styles of garments to choose from. Beginning your search with what is on trend and in season is a helpful filter when searching for garments. With the market being pushed by the demand of the younger generation, 2024 has seen trends towards athleisure, sustainability, bright colors, matching sets, crop hoodies, metallics, and a blend of tailored fits and relaxed or baggy streetwear.   

Silver Screen Printing and Embroidery works with multiple garment suppliers to ensure we have the capability to procure current and emerging trending garments. We work closely with AlphaBroder, SanMar, S&S Activewear, Fruit of the Loom, LAT Apparel, Lane 7 Apparel, Zuni Sportswear, Delta Apparel, Independent Trading Co, & Next Level Apparel. Suppliers who are innovating the garment market with their styles, colors, fabric type, and sustainability measures are our preferred partners. The benefits of working closely with so many suppliers is it allows us to cater to the strengths of each supplier to match our client’s needs. 

If you need garments that are 100% cotton for DTG decoration, we have suppliers for that. Need comfortable fleece that’s lightweight for late night summer events? We have suppliers for those. Looking for toddler and youth selections? Our suppliers can accommodate that. A supplier we would like to highlight for their efforts in garment sustainability is Delta Apparel. They are offering CiCLO Polyester in many of their garment styles. With this new technology in fabric, CiCLO Polyester acts like a natural fiber, biodegradable in landfills reducing microfiber pollution in the environment. Our diverse supplier selection will inspire new garment possibilities for decoration for your business. On your next order, pay attention to your market; what is selling and who is buying?     

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