The moment we’ve all been waiting for, our new portal is debuting on July 8th!

I know, I know, new is sometimes scary and we can be a little resistant to change when faced with an evolution. Lean into the discomfort of learning something new and let’s tackle this change together.

There are elements of the portal we felt were core to the functionality of the program. These key cornerstones of the original portal will not change and will transfer over to the new portal. As a new user, you will still be able to access the resources on the front dashboard page. This includes the stock thread book, pricing sheets, and placement guides. You can see your current and recently shipped orders to track the progress of your projects past and present. Additionally, you can still find your chats and alerts on the dashboard so you can communicate with our customer service team regarding your orders. 

Visually, the portal received a pallet face lift for its debut. The colors used are bright and eye-catching. The progress of your order at a given time will be reflected through the color of the order as well as the symbols associated with art, product, and order status. In the new portal, we have separated production status from order status. Production status will show the timeframe of pieces of the project like art, garments, proofing, and scheduling. Order status reflects the progress of the order as a whole and an estimate for completion. We felt quoting was so important to our clients, we’ve moved the quote tool to the dashboard for ease of operation. You can always email your complicated and bulk quote inquiries to our client quoting channel for a personalized quote.

For any orders being entered into the new portal, there is a new job status option “Draft”. This status will allow you to work on the elements of an order prior to submitting finalized projects to production. Jobs must be moved out of the draft stage for garments to be checked in under their appropriate PO.

We now have a specific section for digital decoration so entering digital orders has become more clear. What this means is that you can enter mixed decoration orders together! Gone are the days of entering multiple orders with the same PO. You can enter your full order altogether using all the decoration methods our warehouse has to offer. 

Your proofs may also look a little different but all of the pertinent information is still readily available. For an order with varied decoration methods, you will have a proof for each method to approve under the same order. A new feature after you have approved your proof for production is to approve the order. This allows you to confirm pricing and upcharges on the order prior to production. If only the proof has been approved and not the order, the project will not be scheduled for production. 

All of the changes don’t seem so scary now, do they? Our team is excited to have created a program from scratch for the purposes of serving you, our clients, better and faster. Each decision that went into the creation of this program was with our end user in mind. Keep an open mind July 8th as you take a look at the portal for the first time and explore how this new program can create ease to your orders.