Screen Print & Embroidery Operations

A new vision forward for 2024
“The easy way to success.
Sorry, there is no easy way to success.
Except one.
The easy way is to learn how to live the hard way.
The easy way is to embrace the discomfort and the work – to thrive on it.
The easy way is to learn all the time, try all the time, and give it your best even when you don’t feel like it.
The easy way to succeed is to love the process, no matter how hard it may seem.”

Silver Screen Printing & Embroidery’s confident evolution from 2023 to 2024 is due to our relationship with learning. Like many businesses in 2023, we experienced hardships that matched the trends of the market. Our slow season was longer than we have experienced in prior years and we found struggles in our allocation of labor. Through these struggles, our leadership team rose to the challenge and developed cost saving strategies. We also listened to feedback from our customers to ensure we are executing a system that works for both our clients and us.

Moving into the beginning of 2024, the business and production side of Silver Screen is in harmony. With new knowledge and customer feedback, we learned our weak points and how to transform them into our greatest strength. Gaps in provided services like quoting speed was a thorn in our system we felt we could remedy with great success using the creation of a new position, Client Liaison. This service desk gives Silver Screen Printing & Embroidery a bridge between production and clients bringing printing and embroidery knowledge directly to the consumer. We also invested in the education and training of our employees to reach their maximum potential. A labor sharing program was created so employees from different departments can be utilized throughout areas of production maximizing an individual’s value. This program in turn inspired employees to educate themselves further in the trade of screen printing and embroidery.

As we head further into the year, we are taking the successes and failures of our previous experiences to grow a profitable 2024 season. Our goal has always been to provide quality service, but feel we now have a greater ability to explore efficiencies that can be passed onto our clients with the addition of the Client Liaison position. After observing the market, we saw an opportunity to serve our clients in new ways such as retail and mill relationships with garment suppliers that create quality at a cost all parties can appreciate. Our new ideas keep Silver Screen Printing & Embroidery on the cutting edge of an evolving decoration industry; new techniques, solution-based ideas, updated machinery, and brand new software. We are excited for 2024 to be our most successful yet!