Sustainability…Not just a catchy trend at Silver Screen Printing

How many times a day do you hear and see the terms sustainability or eco conscious on almost every website, business, and garment supplier? The words “sustainability” and “eco conscious” get thrown around a lot, but does it actually mean anything; are companies really making impactful changes?

The trend towards sustainability in the world is a positive endeavor and businesses should be conscious of their individual role in the environment. Now more than ever, consumers are prioritizing sustainability in their purchasing choices and businesses are responding. What is important to our clients and the market is in turn important to us. Silver Screen Printing understands that the nature of our business requires effective environmental efforts. So how is Silver Screen implementing sustainable practices into our company DNA and practices?

We believe sustainability starts in the small measures taken by all our offices to inspire a change in thinking. Recycling receptacles are available throughout our business for plastics. We repurpose our used paper into recycled notepads and paper scraps for production. Any cardboard material is recycled or reused for future order shipments. All ink cartridges we use are recycled. Even the hand soap we use is eco-conscious. Eco-mailers are available upon request for shipment of finished goods. Inks and harsh chemicals are inherent in screen printing but we are making strides to protect our local environment from the effects. All scrap ink and used chemicals are collected in barrels for removal by a local chemical company for proper disposal. We have made efforts in our plumbing to ensure waste water containing chemicals does not enter our local sewers. Excess and damaged garments are donated to local organizations that support our Reno community. 

Partnerships that align with sustainable thinking are also important to Silver Screen. Our garment suppliers have been making individual efforts to become more sustainable. A special feature we feel is especially exciting in garment sustainability is a new fabric called CiCLO Polyester. This new innovation in garment technology allows for the polyester in these fabrics to break down like a natural fiber protecting the environment from microplastics. The future of garments and consumerism is looking far more green.